How do I pay for my listing plan?

We accept Zelle, Paypal and Cash App to keep our fees low.

How does the listing process work?

You fill out the listing agreement online, agree to all disclosures and we list your property directly in the MLS for you. For the Basic and Deluxe Plans all buyer's agents and potential buyers will contact you directly for questions and showings, while you save thousands.

Once I select a plan is there any additional fees?

If you have the Full Listing Preferred Plan there are no additional fees. As for the Basic and Deluxe depending on your needs from us, there are add-ons for a small fee. We can provide you the price list with the contract to make sure you are fully aware of all services and costs.

Does List & Save More Realty work with home buyers?

Yes, we offer a buyer rebate to buyers who hire us as their buyer’s agent. For more details contact us for more details about our *Home Buyers Only Rebate Program.

What is the difference between a “listing agent” and a “buyer’s agent”?

The listing agent list the property for the seller. The buyer’s agent works with the buyer. The buyer's agent is often referred as the selling agent as well.

What is the difference between a “listing agent” and a “buyer’s agent”?

If your home is listed on the MLS, and a real estate agent brings a ready, willing and able buyer with an acceptable contract, then the agent will be due a “selling” commission at closing. You will decide what the buyer’s agent commission is prior to listing your property. If you sell your home yourself without the assistance of a buyer’s agent, there will be no selling commission (just the listing fee).

What makes List and Save More Realty a better choice?

​​• Broker has 20+ years experienced in real estate sales, rentals, and property management • We use the same MLS listing used by all Realtors, plus syndication on the market of many other well know real estate websites • We are a full service licensed real estate brokerage not a referral service • All fees and expectation are upfront- No hidden fees • We save you thousands in listing commissions compared to traditional agent commissions and fees • You can cancel at anytime • We'll list your property for one year or when it sells • We provide excellent agent support and customer service • We sincerely want you to be happy because we want your referrals, testimonials, and five star reviews.

How do I cancel? Will I receive a refund?

​​It would be unfortunate to see you go when we offer services that other brokerages offer for a 6% commission. We will list your home on the same market as any other broker with any of our listing plans because we feel strongly that your home will sell itself, while you keep thousands in your pocket. Our FSBO listing plans are non-refundable. The FSBO Listings can be cancelled at any time without a refund by signing a withdrawal agreement. Full Service Listing Plan sellers can cancel under certain reasonable guidelines ( see contract for more details).